Why Choose InterMed Vein Clinic?

People suffering from varicose veins may be confused about where and how to seek treatment, particularly with so many available options. We think these are the most important points to consider when deciding on where and how to seek treatment:

The Right Vein Doctor

Dr. Milne has experience of over 25 years successfully treating all aspects of vein disease.

Dr. Milne’s extensive training and qualifications to treat vein patients, you can be confident that we will treat not just the signs and symptoms of your vein disease, but its underlying cause as well. Your health improvement and satisfaction is crucial for us.

Best Diagnostics You Can Get

At InterMed Vein Clinic, we perform detailed and thorough examinations of all veins in legs to accurately diagnose the disease and find incompetent veins that have been damaged by varicosity and vein disease. In our diagnostic studies, a vein is never missed or unchecked. This means that your disease will be properly and accurately diagnosed.

The Most Comprehensive Treatment Offering

Our physician uses both laser and radiofrequency methods and multiple sclerotherapy techniques (liquid sclerotherapy, foal sclerotherapy, ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy) to choose the best treatment combination to meet our patient’s individual needs.

Unbeatable Affordability

At InterMed Vein Clinic, we accept Medicare, Medi-Cal and the most commercial insurance plans. We are in network with the most PPO, HMO, IPA and medical group plans.

For uninsured or cosmetic patients, we offer flexible financing options.

Our Principles of Patient Care:

  • Patient comfort and satisfaction

  • Minimal downtime, quick recovery and early return to work and regular activity

  • Affordable, minimally invasive effective treatment methods

  • All procedures are performed in the comfort and convenience of our vein clinic

  • Education of the patient, the public, and other health care professionals

  • Accurate pain-free diagnosis in every patient using expert ultrasound imaging

  • Diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins

  • Diagnosis and treatment of blood clots in veins

  • Diagnosis and treatment of leg ulcers

  • Diagnosis and treatment of spider veins; both cosmetic and symptomatic

  • We accept Medicare, Medi-Cal, all PPOs, many HMO, IPA and medical group plans.

Here is what our patients have to say:

I had procedure with Dr. Milne couple of weeks ago and from the second I met him I knew he was very good doctor. I love his style and his results but most of all his experience. He has been practicing for so many years and I really trust his education and the way he treats his patients. Now I can do so many things I wasn’t able to because of having so much pain and heaviness in my legs!
Micheal D.
Micheal D.
I love Dr. Milne and his staff. I have been a patient for years. I recently went back to have more spider vein injections. I would not trust anyone else with my legs. I feel safe and I know I am in great hands. His knowledge and experience speak for themselves.
Rosanna D.
Rosanna D.
I recently had Venous ablation surgery with Dr. Milne. It’s been 6 months since my surgery and my wife loves to see that I feel so much better and able to enjoy simple everyday activity. Dr. Milne is simply the best. I recommend him to everyone.

InterMed Vein Clinic serves patients from Sacramento and surrounding counties!

If you wish to be in the good hands of a qualified and experienced vein expert, call us at 916-835-7777 or schedule an appointment with us today for a consultation with Dr. Milne.