Phlebectomy of Varicose Veins

Ambulatory phlebectomy (also known as vein avulsion and stab phlebectomy procedure) is a procedure used to remove bulging veins. Local anesthesia must be carried out prior to the procedure making it not only safe but also pain-free. The vein specialist then removes the large varicose veins via needle punctures and micro small incisions.

Phlebectomy is a safe procedure and remains a much better alternative to vein stripping surgery.

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If you have painful bulging veins that are impeding your life they might need to be removed via a stab phlebectomy because they are “too twisty”. A phlebectomy is a micro surgery and not a routine procedure since it is a rare one because it treats certain types of large varicose veins. The procedure is a safe, with no pain and simple one. The surgeon removes the vein by making a small nick with a scalpel and using a hook technique to remove the vein.